Hotel Europeca

Comfort and relaxation at the highest standards!

Hotel Europeca was inaugurated in 2007 after a long planning and a lot of work that made us anxious. We wanted a corner of heaven to provide peace to those who walk our threshold, a friendly staff to meet the guests with a smile on their lips and with the desire to help them feel comfortable and relaxed. And we managed to do this!

But we did not even install ourselves properly that we started a process of modernization and refurbishment since we wanted to reach the highest standards. Thus in 2015-2017 we renew all rooms available in the hotel, the two restaurants and the reception.

We put at the disposal of our guests more offers from which they can choose the best option for their stay. We want them to leave with a smile on their lips, so we do everything needed in order to make this a reality.

What distinguishes our hotel in the hotel market of Craiova? From more spacious and newly refurbished rooms at very affordable prices, to the professionalism and courtesy of the staff. Let's not forget about the location which, although close to the center, is protected from the noise and agitation of the central life.