Hotel Europeca Events

Exclusive salons

Hotel Europeca has 3 specially designed salons, equipped and fully furnished in a special, modern and luxurious style. Whether we are talking about weddings, baptisms, business meetings, product presentations, workshops, seminars and so on, we provide the flexibility and support you need so that you have a great event with a high level of satisfaction among your guests.

The professionalism with which we treat these events will be reflected in all aspects, from setting up the location and endowing with the necessary equipment, to the fresh and carefully selected ingredients for the perfect dishes!

With a capacity of 200 seats, the salon on the ground floor is characterized by refinement and elegance, both in terms of services and design. Discrete architectural lighting, modern furniture, premium menus, all these and many more make this salon the ideal choice for a beautiful event.

Distinguished and elegant, Europeca's upstairs salon with a capacity of 400 seats is perfect for spending unforgettable moments with your loved ones. The quality of the services and the ambiance are just two of the benefits you will get.

The refined and modern style of the Europeca’s conference room, located on the 2nd floor of the hotel, with a capacity of 60 seats, makes this space ideal for corporate events. The hall has all the logistics needed to carry out a variety of events.