Spacious & modern rooms

Hotel Europeca offers single rooms, double rooms with matrimonial bed or twin beds, VIP rooms, a standard or deluxe apartments. Our rooms are fitted with all the facilities that a person may need, so that your stay at Hotel Europeca is an unforgettable one.

Single room

Hotel Europeca’s single rooms are private and exquisite, being fully equipped to satisfy all customers’ needs in terms of accommodation.

Double room

The double rooms are spacious, fitted with a matrimonial bed or with twin beds, meant to offer the comfort that you need to unwind.

VIP Room

The VIP rooms were designed for distinguished guests who want to enjoy all possible comfort and relaxation for the duration of their stay.

Standard apartment

This type of apartment provided by Hotel Europeca comprises a living room and a bedroom, being fully furnished and roomy enough to ensure the necessary comfort.

Deluxe apartment

Exceptionally spacious, the deluxe apartment has a king-size bed and a unique design, being equipped with modern technological equipment meant to satisfy every taste.