Find out the opinions of those who have visited us

Oliver S.
I am not sure if the hotel is located somewhere close to Craiova's downtown, because when I checked in there, I took a taxi and I did not care so much about the location. But, I can say that the rooms are large and clean. I stayed at Europeca Hotel in December and the air conditioner was working perfectly. It was nice and warm inside the room. Also, the bed was large and comfortable. There were a lot of TV programs which I could choose. Also, there was a free Wi-Fi connection inside the room. I truly recommend to choose a room from the upper floors, if you are looking for a quiet stay. However, the restaurant is located at the first floor and the food and service are very good.
Ralph W.
The hotel was not bad at all, if you take into consideration its general location. The rooms have reasonable dimensions and they are kept clean and tidy. The Wi-Fi works well. The breakfast is basic, but Ok and well-balanced. The hotel staff is kind and friendly and they speak quite well English. They are able to answer your questions. The bed was comfortable – in fact, I slept quite well during the nights spent there.
Randy S.
The hotel is excellent for business trips in Craiova. The car parking is adequate and the room is comfortable. The Wi-Fi connection is good and free, but the options for the breakfast are limited.
Mirela V.
The hotel looks very good. The rooms are quite good. There is also a LAN connection inside the rooms. The maids do a really good job, keeping everything clean.
Vlad H.
The rooms are great! I booked a four-star room like no other. Plus, the bathroom is quite large. The food is delicious and the service is perfect!
Larisa J.
Hats off to the very kind and attentive staff. The rooms are adorable, and the central location is a plus. Parking places, cleanliness, everything else they promise, it is there!
Silvana M.
I was pleased by the staff who was kind and willing to help. The rooms are large, and they feel like home. The breakfast is pretty good. I recommend the hotel for both business and pleasure trips.
Dan Fintescu
I stayed for one night on several occasions. The hotel is quite fine with large, clean rooms. The bathrooms have only showers in them. I recommend getting a room as high as possible because the restaurant is always booked with wedding ceremonies, which are really noisy. There is a very good internet LAN connection. The neighborhood is a bit weird and I would not recommend evening walks, but the hotel has its own parking, so a car tour should be safe.
Regan T.
Europeca has friendly staff and clean and large rooms. Reception staff speaks English. The restaurant has a decent menu. The bed was appropriate. The whole hotel has a little smell of cigarette, but only a little. The internet is excellent, with a very fast connection to both wi-fi and LAN cable.
Cristache T.
A high class hotel! I recommend it with pleasure!
Anelise D.
The rooms are large, very clean, with nice furniture, recently renovated. The shower cab is amazing! Very friendly staff / very tasty breakfast.
Silvia P.
Cleanliness, kindness, special breakfast, very good restaurant- everything I ordered was delicious. The staff is considerate and kind. The placement is ideal – it is a 10 minutes walk from the University.
Victor O.
A perfect hotel for business trips. It is clean, quiet and includes everything you need. The breakfast is delicious, the Wi-Fi connection is good and, of course, having your own parking place is a great advantage.
Maria V.
I went to a wedding and I was surprised by the kindness of the personnel. Besides the spectacular restaurant, the food was delicious. This hotel is perfect for any event.
Ana P.
I organized my wedding at Hotel Europeca. All my guests were thrilled and so did I. The chefs were incredible! I totally recommend this hotel!